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I got sick of playing as a guardian with 1 or 2 creations in Geneforge 2. No, I need something more fun. So seeing as agents dont fit my style of playing, I was wondering if a shaper might. Would it be possible if I make a shaper that specializes in shaping 2 creations and instead of making more creations, places extra points into mental magic and spellcraft (for strong daze and madness) ?

I figure it might work as daze will limit the amount of enemies at one time and the creations will get very strong when I get a 3rd or 4th tier creation to a high level.

Can anyone not shatter this idea with some hopeful advice that it might work?
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These two links from the official forum might help.

There are some other posts about shaper build on this forum too

Im running a shaper in Geneforge 1 and so far not finding it too bad at all
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