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I'm trying to play the Linux version of Geminie Rue, but I'm getting horrendous mouse lag in the game. I checked the logs, and everything seems find on that front, but doing some googling, I found this post from the steam forums:

However, when I run that script, I have issues executing it. It has problems with the line

sed 's/liballeg/.so/.4/.4/' <"$libdir/"

However, from what I can tell, it seems correct, and considering others have ran the script without issue, as well, I figured I'd come here to see if anyone has a solution.

EDIT: Managed to fix it because I was dumb and half drunk.

sed was having issues with the way that line was written, so I just removed the additonal slashes so the script was like:

sed 's/'
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Because I forgot how to fix it because I'm dumb, I'm uploading my own edited script to fix this issue. Run it from the game directory (the one containing GeminiRue.bin.x86_64) like so:

$ sh

It's attached to this post for my own convenience and anyone else's. Apparently the Steam release has already been fixed, so GOG should really look into getting the fix from Wadjet Eye themselves or incorporating the script fix into the installer. It's apparently a bug with allegro. Other, newer AGS games don't seem to have this problem.

You might need liballegro4-dev or your distro's equivalent to run the my fixed script (or the one from the original steam page).


set -x

if [ 64 = "`getconf LONG_BIT`" ]

sed 's/' <"$libdir/" >"$libdir/" &&
gcc `allegro-config --cflags` -shared -fPIC -x c - -o "$libdir/" -L $libdir -l <<\EOF

#include <allegro.h>
#include <xalleg.h>

static void _init_input_handler(void) __attribute__((constructor));

static void _input_handler(void)
if (0 == _xwin.display)

while (XQLength(_xwin.display) > 0)

void _init_input_handler(void)
_xwin_input_handler = _input_handler;