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Are you not scared? Visit Warsaw City to join the spooky season festive. We've prepared pumpkins, treats, or tricks, depending on what you choose when some little ghosts with child voices knock you at the door.

As a game detective, who has seen and lived through a lot, it may not be easy to scare you, but we've done our best to send shivers down your spine. Spooky apartment decor The Gamedec's apartment has undergone a significant makeover. It's full of pumpkins, candles, garlands, cobwebs, and there is an unexpected guest with no signs of life.

Put on your Halloween costume and walk the streets of Low City. Visit virtualias in your spooky skin; after all, as a Gamedec, you have to be able to blend in with the crowd.

New main menu design
The thrill starts from the beginning, so grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte, start the game, and celebrate Halloween by the end of the 22nd century in Gamedecverse.

Patch 1.2 content

In addition to Halloween-related content, patch 1.2 brings a lot of bug fixes, updates, and improvements. Check the complete list in the changelog below:


Fixed general performance issues
Fixed general graphics bugs on the lowest required specs
Various SFX fixes
Various Animation fixes
Various VFX fixes
Improving Character Textures
Fixed an issue with saving to a save that already exists, the thumbnail gets smaller and the texts with save descriptions overlap
General Translation fixes
Fixed lines of code visible in some of the codex entries
Character selection screen - At maximum font magnification, some text was invisible to the player when highlighting the Torkil Aymore skin
A cloak won’t attach to the gamedec’s elbows when animating interactions with computers, etc.
Fixed the Drone that is not returning in subsequent apartments scenes

Halloween Event - Add-ons

Added Gamedec’s avatars & models for the Halloween event
Main Menu – remodeled the tree for Halloween event
Added an option to switch the decals for Halloween [on/off]
Added Halloween decorations to Gamedec’s apartment

Knight’s Code

Fixed an issue when a Cult leader was mixed with Clan leader in dialogs

Harvest Time
An NPC will now faint correctly if you make, and load a save before it
Fixed a flickering locomotive
Fixed crash at the end of the case

Haggis Office

Fixed an issue with door clipping

Like Father Like Son

Fixed an issue with colored lights that were set too low
Text inside the balloon on the roofs was a placeholder

Paradise Island

Fixed some flickering characters on Paradise Island

Happy Halloween!
Team Gamedec
Hello. Can you tell me if there will be any new content added in patch 1.3? (Quests, character avatars for customization) Or will there be mainly bug fixes and cosmetic improvements to the interface and models? I just don't know whether to start playing version 1.2 or wait for 1.3.
Thank you.