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Hello, Detectives!

We're happy to announce that the latest characters have log-in to the gamedecverse. Unveil the story once again; you can now play as Izmael Krostov, a veteran mariner with vast technical knowledge, or Dafne Bennet, who's fascinated with strange worlds. Each character has her own unique story, immersing themselves in the Gamedec world with unique attributes.

Let's move to the bug fixing part. the latest Hotfix 1.4.2 is also live in the stores. Along with all the slightest changes, we're adding the option you've asked for – A second dialogue layout. Since today you can choose whether you wish to have a Dialogue List or Dialogue Wheel. We can guarantee that this isn't the latest word from us. The next update with major changes is currently warming up in the starting box. We can't wait to release it in the upcoming weeks, finally!

All the minor changes you can find below are separated between the locations where you reported the issues. Please join the existing threads on the forum or create a new one if you have any thoughts.

Hotfix 1.4.2 Changelist:


- The second dialogue widget layout was added: Dialogue List (visible on a screenshot above)
- Fixed a misspelled button's name in the tutorial
- Fixed one of the Options - "Interaction Size" is now properly assigned and less confusing
- The 4: 3 resolution is now supported by letterboxing, which improved overall UI appearance in this resolution
- Text scaling options were improved
- The list in Save Menu was improved – the automatical order of saves was improved
- Dialogue tooltips were improved
- Buttons 1, 3, Q, and E are switching tabs in Codex again
- The double loading of Credits was fixed
- Mashing the "Save" button won't create multiple saves anymore
- Issues with the game crashing after attempting to load a save or start a new game were fixed
- Font in Deduction, Codex, and Professions was improved – it's clearer and works better with scaling options
- It won't be possible to buy twice the V-Ghost program
- Some typos and misspelled gender tags and links were fixed
- Footsteps sounds were fixed
- The achievements descriptions were improved. The Traditional Chinese descriptions were added
- New pop-ups about saving the progress were added

Like Father Like Son:

- The voice mail now has some visual feedback when interacting to
- Valedictorian Achievement will now again appear as it should be
- Loading an older save shouldn't crash the game in the Theatre anymore
- The quest with Bob and Rhonda was improved
- Deduction in the Street was improved
- The Unicorn won't have a unicorn avatar after becoming a human
- Bliss's sounds were added
- The minigame with the floppy disc was fixed
- Gamedec won't spawn out of the Theatre after re-loading a save made in it
- Gamedec won't go through Rhonda's model anymore
- Ken won't be able to go into the Theatre with Gamedec anymore

Harvest Time:

- All avatars of Ken were improved to match his current appearance depending on a moment in the case
- The issue with the Cow quest not ending satisfyingly was fixed
- Gamedec will now go back to the apartment at the end of the case if this option is chosen
- End case dialogue with Ken was improved
- Wild Poppy won't get stuck in the City after interacting with the Chapel
- The fence will appear on the Farm if it's bought
- Saving game on the Farm was improved

Fallen Hero:

- The issue with the game crashing after approximately 15 minutes in the Bar was fixed
- Completing a quest from the Trolls will now give access to the top floor
- Cam Grozny's subquest will now appear under the right main quest
- The changed posters will remain after re-loading the game
- Cohh won't sink in his chair anymore

Knight’s Code:

- The Eagle's behavior events after the interaction was improved
- The Quest Log in the Jail was fixed. It now shows the correct amount of bells
- "Pick up the stone" dialogue option won't be multiplied anymore
- An additional NPC will now appear when talking to Eagle
- Some general audio improvements were made
- The Jail minigame now works better with a gamepad
- Umbra won't go away while talking to Gamedec anymore
- Collision near Lord's house was fixed
- The inventory on UI was improved

Axis Mundi:

- The issue with blocking the game after interacting with Jester on his platform was fixed
- General sound improvements were made
- Gamedec won't comment as if he had visited the other platforms when he's on the first one anymore
- The computer won't have tree's interaction anymore
- Saving the game on the bridge won't cause a blocker anymore
- Codebreaker won't appear in the NPC's body anymore
- Jester won't appear in the Gamedec's body anymore
- Handy Joe won't be described as Wild Poppy anymore

Paradise Lost:

- The game won't be blocked anymore after choosing to kill a certain character
- Dialogue options in conversation with Gallo Maar won't be multiplied anymore

Have a great day!

Team Gamedec
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