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* weapon stats should show the amount of necessary action points to fire (esp. those which require 2)
* add the possibility to freely attack other things beside enemies or ground fields (eg. to destroy cover or to use area damage)
* add the possibility to set waypoints at battle map to avoid burning fields
* a "sell all" button at the weapon dealer
* show the enemy status info at top of screen while hovering the enemy targeting symbol at bottom of screen
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Galaxy Squad current Version: 1.06j

* In ship system: added health levels. (of the spaceship)
* Ability to sell and purchase space ships with enhancements.
* In Unlocked content, soldier class: replaced or added a droid.
* Added droid seller shop; soldier class: mechanic
* Grenades should pass over obstacles
* Faster zoom with the mouse wheel for more comfort.
* Added the possibility of a backup.
* Spacecraft battles, in space

For l.geidel
Did not repeat the message please, I delete this party once answered ! (in private?)

* destroy cover or use area damage
What version for this suggestion? For me it is realized on 1.06j
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