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version 1.06f:
* line of sight isn't shown for mission objectives (destroy object) or ship defending cannons
* freeze gun accelerates enemies instead of slowing them
* after usingany skill, a right click is necessary to restore the line of sight feature or to move or shoot
* overwatch doesn't work with minigun
* weapon mod selection menu: description of sights is wrong (+5, +0, +0 instead of +3, +5, +10)
* same for magazine (+0, +1 instead of +1, +2)
* same for light frame receiver (-0 ap instead of -1)
* space map: infos for not visited systems (loot, ship, enemy, ...) aren't saved
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1 more: many things are not saved in conquest mode
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* "extra health" on enemies actually increases only the maximum, not the current health
In Conquest mode, I loaded a saved game and lost all my science-ship research :/
When I kill the Mother Bug in the Campaign, the whole Game crashes.

Happend 3 TImes in a Row now....
Does anyone know how to unlock the extra soldier slot?

I have unlocked free mode. Can I earn glory points in this mode?

I was unable to fire the flamethrower even after reserving two action points.