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I’m considering buying GalCiv 3 but before doing that I’m just interested to know if the latest updates is available as offline installers? I’m not using Galaxy and will not start using it to update the game.

I would appreciate if someone here have some information on this.



I can see in the change log thread that the installers is updated to the latest 4.01 official patch.. I can imagine that the latest beta (May 2021) is not.
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Version of the offline installer is 4.1.23147

My answer is maybe a bit late, but just bought the Ultimate Edition since it's on sale currently for -65%
It has been a few months since I played GalCiv 3. I do not use Galaxy and I never had any problem (using win 7) loading the game or the dlc I own (I do not own all dlc.

I have been trying to get it to load in linux using wine and I am still tracking down the few problems I have.