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Is there some fix for this?
My game slow down to a crawl whenever some ships are attacked, such as cargos, starbases or scout ships.

It takes minutes to resolve one combat, making the game unplayable.

I paid good money for this, so if there is a fix, I am very much interested.
I don't remember any such problem in my game?

It does sound like the usual idiocy of computers in general though..... have a super gaming machine that suddenly takes 30 seconds to close a webpage and you wonder to yourself wtf the computer is doing during that time?? Its a simple command - close the page, not calculate pie to 10 billion or some shit like that, no, just close the damn page for fxxxx sake that's all!

Anyway, have you tried the compatibility options?

Do you keep on top of all your computer background processes?
The combat slowdown bug is a well known issue, I just came on here to see if anyone else had noticed a change after the Windows 10 Creative update. My game is suddenly working fine after the patch.