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Usually one of the first things i do when setting up a new computer is to turn off all the IDIOT sleep modes AKA 'crash modes' That i can find... PC, CPU, graphics, monitor, HDD, all set to NEVER sleep - AKA, crash mode.
Even just sleeping the monitor is an excuse for a game to crash.

I been into computer gaming for the past 30 years and i never had a system that did not have sleep mode as a fuckup, honestly, i dont even know why they still bother with it???

However, even with all the sleeps disabled on my system, Galciv3 is still sleeping somehow? When i wake it, the game is frozen but pressing CNTRL ALT DELETE immediately unfreezes it. I am just waiting for the moment that does not work because i cannot find whatever is causing this sleep?

Does Galciv3 have its own sleep mechanism??
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