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Thought I'd make this thread due to all the trouble I've had that I might have fixed. My performance was so bad that I requested a refund, but I've since rescinded that request.

- If the game loads very slowly and the game suddenly quits during the splash screen try running gc3_prefs_wipe and running the Gal Civ 3 exe in administrator mode. I have no idea why this helps but it did for me.

From there I was getting absolutely terrible performance even on the lowest settings including freezing up and hard crashing my computer. I had been fiddling with my Nvidia graphic card settings earlier and then tried Gal Civ 3 just to see how it ran.

I turned Multi-Display off due to being on a laptop and I changed Power Management to Adaptive.

For whatever reason this seems to have done the trick for me. I just had a long session (hour plus) with the only issues I had was the occasional video stutter.

If anyone else has performance tweaks/tips share them. Gal Civ 3 seems to be fiddly in how it runs.
suggestions from what I can see: check how much RAM is being used beforehand if you are near the minimum requirements-freeing it up might improve performance. Set AA to 0, disable the gel UI and bloom. Also enabling low-res textures might improve performance
Another thing I had to do, is I had downloaded GalCiv 3 through Galaxy. I verified the files and Galaxy then downloaded forty or so files either missing or corrupted.

So that's another thing to check if you're having issues.