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Hello, I have just bought GalCiv3 taking advantage of the sale. It seems like an awesome game.

I have to ask, as I haven't played a single minute, if is there any dlc that you consider essential. And if there is no essential dlc, your general opinion about what dlc is more worth it than the others.

Personally i have not tried much DLC, but looking forward to it.

Quoting Horemvore over on the Galciv 3 forum;

"The ones I consider to enhance the overall experience in order of priority top to bottom:-

Precursor Worlds DLC
Lost Treasures DLC
Mega Events DLC
Mercenaries DLC
Revenge of the Snathi DLC

The rest are cosmetic more than game changers."

Personally i will not be using mercenaries because i think it messes up too much the natural technological progress of ships in the game.
each to their own, I only have the builder pack and thats all I want