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I post this thread on the assumption that the readers know what all of the messages written on the wall in GK1 say, or do not mind being spoiled to that effect.

I generally like those puzzles, but there are just a few details that bother me.

First, about the first message: "DJ conclave tonight bring fwet kash."

Why would MG leave that message up day after day? Was she holding a conclave every night, to which DJ was to bring the fwet kash? (Granted, that does sound rather kinky...) I guess the Rada drums would tell him whether there would be a conclave or not; maybe MG and DJ had some deal like "If the writing says to bring something to a conclave but the drums say that there is no conclave, ignore the writing."

Second, about the second message: "DJ keep eyes on GK but do not harm."

Not much is wrong with the message itself; it is the sort of message that has an implied "until further notice" and therefore would be left up day after day. Still, there is a small problem: There are four letters in the second message that aren't in the first: M, P, U, and Y. For the most part, this is accurately reflected in how GK transcribes it: DJKEEPE?ESONGKB?TDONOTHAR?

But how did he figure out that the sixth symbol in the message was a P?

Finally, about the third message: "DJ (conclave tonight) bring sekey madoule."

Again, I'm not so much bothered by the message itself, but rather the circumstances surrounding it. In the first place, GK's plan requires that MG not overwrite it with her own instructions for DJ before the conclave, or that MG would have called for the sekey madoule anyway.

In the second place, the ramifications of GK impersonating MG are... rather disturbing. I can imagine MG putting the pieces together regarding the oddities at the conclave: GK crashed the party, and the sekey madoule was brought when she didn't call for it (or, if she did intend to call for it, somebody else left exactly the same note that she meant to leave). I wouldn't put it past DJ to notice that GK was playing with the sekey madoule earlier and to report that to MG as well. In short, GK reveals that he knows too much about Voodoo: The Voodoo code, at least two Voodoo-related words that DJ doesn't teach at the museum, and how MG instructs DJ on what to bring to conclaves.

I guess that last part leads to a sort of "Fridge Brilliance," since it makes GK's departure from New Orleans that much more urgent.
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For the first: I assumed they were just too lazy to remove the writing if nothing's going on. (Would reduce the need for sneaking around the cemetery too afterwards, and potentially getting caught.) They probably only bother checking for new messages if the drums announce a conclave.

For the third: yes, but this is far from the only risk GK takes during the game, so it's not all that inconsistent. About the only thing that seems to ever really scare Gabriel, is commitment...
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The first one I agree with ovekavven.

The 2nd was probably just a game design error. Either that or Gabriel figured it out from context, but then why couldn't he figure out the other 3 from context?

As for the 3rd one, it should be pointed out that the leader of the cult is Tetelo, not MG. Tetelo knows who Gabriel is because Tetelo knew his ancestor Gunter, who betrayed her, so she assumes Gabriel would also betray women. MG knows that Gabriel is at the party but she does not want to harm Gabriel at all. The problem is, Tetelo controls her.

And yes, it's pretty clear that both Tetelo and DJ know something is up with Gabriel by day 5, when Tetelo leaves the 2nd message and DJ tries to kill him.

And yes, Gabriel knows that he's taking a major risk but he doesn't care. His dreams are driving him to be Schattenjager. That means risking his life.