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It is a pity that the developers decided to release Gabriel Knight 3 in 3D. It would have been so much better if they used hand-drawn graphics or FMV like in the previous installment. Because it really is the visual side which brings this game down, since everything else is again top notch - we have a complicated, well-crafted story veiled in historical mysteries, great atmosphere and good voice acting. But somehow, the third dimension damaged this game. The visuals look sterile, unappealing and cold. Gabriel Knight deserved better then this. But the story and writing here are strong enough to make this title worth recommending. It is easy to get engrossed by the way the story develops and even forget the mediocre graphics.
All in all, this game deserves 3.5 stars really. If they used another technology than 3D it could have been great. But it still is a must-have for everyone who loves adventure games and strong inventive stories.