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A minor bug in GK1.

Nothing game-breaking, but there is an error with the Voodoo messages; if you "read" the transcribed Voodoo messages before you have them translated, the wrong message will show up.

The first message, if you read the piece of paper after transcribing it but before translating it, will read "DJKEEP..." and the second message will look just like the translated first message, sans translation: "DJCONC..."

It seems like something that a simple patch could correct, but then again, I don't know much about programming.

Is this corrected in any patches?
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Actually, this bug was introduced as a result of a patch. Before the patch the codes read correctly before and after translation, but there was a bug which prevented you from progressing further. I forget the exact nature of the bug, but I remember when installing the patch which corrected it, the codes were in the wrong order.
My problem may be the same one mentioned above, but I'm not sure from the description. I have the first message from the side of the cemetery tomb fine, including its translation by the fortune teller. But when I go back to the cemetery on Day 5, the claimed new message on the tomb is exactly the same as the original message, not the new one the walk-through I'm following anticipated. As a result, I don't have the translations necessary to write a message and the game won't let me erase the message with the brick. Am I reading something wrong, or did I miss something earlier that I needed to do to get this point in the game to work the way it is apparently supposed to. I can't figure out a way to bring up the translator screen at all.

Any help any of you can give me will be sincerely appreciated. I'd like to be able to finish the game, but assume I can't just not bother sending out the new message, Gabriel is expected to post on the tomb.
More to my prior post. Did I miss a step earlier? Should I have earlier erased the original voodoo code message from the tomb wall before getting to day 5? Does anybody know more about the alleged coding patch mentioned by Gilmaris in a prior reply?

After getting to Day 5 in this interesting game, I'm, loath to just walk away without trying to finish it.

-Scott Barnes
No, you don't have to erase the message on the wall before day 5.

Now, are you sure that the message on the wall itself is the same on day 5 as it was before (with 30 letters), or is it your untranslated copy that's the same?

Because the untranslated copy of the second message looks exactly the same as the translated copy of the first message, and that's the same bug that I addressed earlier. All you have to do is use one of the coded messages on the other, and you'll get the correct translation of the second message (with 26 letters).
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I have the same problem: Did everything else on Day 5, now I am at the cemetery trying to copy the new message, but the narrator tells me that Gabriel already has that. In my inventory there is only the translated message from Moonbeam, nothing else.