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ive tried what they said in the other threads, but i cant understand how to do it
they tell you wat to do, but now how to do it..

im trying to improve the graphics on this game

i was told to change the dosboxGK.conf file.

didnt work tho.. or at least, i tmade it no better
i guess i can live with it tho..

unless anyone can tell me how to make the graphics better, thanks
Post edited October 11, 2011 by theVenerable

Don't believe what you are asking can be done. Attempting to improve on early nineties technology - like turning a WWI bi-plane into a Jet. The video graphics were amazing for their time and up to that point none of us had seen anything like it. Then we and the industry all grew up together.
Judging by the screenshots, the GoG version of GK1 already includes the svga enhancements. There's nothing to can do to improve those graphics unless you want to remake the game in higher resolution.