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I'm playing GK1 20th, and I'm stuck! Supposedly, after I talk to the trash collector at the cemetery, or give him something (I don't remember exactly what I did), he's supposed to leave so I can do something else (don't want to tell a spoiler), but if you know how to get him to leave please tell me, because I have no idea! He used to leave from time to time unexpectedly. I'd just walk onto the screen and he'd be gone. Now, when I need him gone, he seems to be always there! I think after I did what I was supposed to, I remember him actually walking way, but I didn't know what to do at the time, so I left, and when I came back, he was back also, and there to stay!
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I think you walk off the screen randomly, just wait until he does.
I tried doing that for like an hour, and he just never left!
This is the way I remember it, in what chapter did you encounter this bug? I might check it myself
I think 6, or around there. I'm not sure. Isn't it supposed to happen in a specific chapter?
Okay, I loaded a save game from the beginning of this chapter and the cemetery watchman leave about a minute and half after you enter the cemetery location.
Yeah but I think he left and came back and now that I know what I'm supposed to do, I can't get him to leave again.