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So, there I got to the ending of the game and I'm pissed off out of my mind with this terrible, outrageous farce with zombies. Few more unsuccessful tries to get past the third zombie and I will delete this game the shit out of my hard drive.

How do you do it? I tried every possible way on the Internets. Wait 3 seconds here, go there, click the passageway, etc.
It's all worth shit. Even if it's clearly that Gabriel is way ahead of the zombie, the game stops him near the passageway as if the zombie got me. And zombie waaaaaaaaalks towards me for like 5 seconds and the game ends with ripping flesh out of the character.
I mean, fuck this, is this an issue with dosbox's cycles? frameskip? Whatever?

I tried to get past him, like, 100 times now. I'm at the edge of ripping my hairs out because of this bullshit.
Use the vines
Ingsoc85: Use the vines
It's the third zombie, I couldn't get past through.

Eventually, I managed it to do it. While playing full-screen, not thinking a lot, I clicked around and run through. Previous tries were done in while playing windowed. Maybe that was the reason I couldn't do a dang.

Thanks anyways for the video.