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Hello, i was wondering if there is any way to edit the keyboard buttons used for GK3, i know you can change them in game but the problem is that i am left handed and i always use the arrow keys to control my character but i can't assign them in the game, nothing happens when i press the arrow keys. Is there any config file i can directly alter the keys in to make it work?
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If my memory serves correctly, there's a configfile somewhere in the gamefolder. Not actually sure if there's a way of changing the keys though.

But in GK3 you can move quite well around with your mouse, by moving the camera and click to where you want the character to walk to.
Very useful if you have a long way to walk actually; just move your camera all the way to wherever you need to get to, and press your mousebutton either on an item or a doorway or similar. Insta-teleport :D