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This is probably the most creative of Sierra's P&C Adventure catalog. GK rewards intelligence by brilliantly blending fact and fiction regarding the Voodoo religion and the history of New Orleans. The characters are brilliantly written and well-acted:
Mark Hamill is Detective Mosely
Tim Curry is Gabriel Knight
Michael Dorn [Worf on Sar Trek TNG] is Dr John
Leah Remini is Grace Nakimura.
Gabriel Knight is an aspiring horror writer who owns a struggling bookshop in New Orleans who takes it upon himself to help solve a series of "Voodoo Murders" with his friend Detective Mosely. I really dont want to spoil anything else about this game.
Probably the high point of this game is its fair portrayal of Voodoo: Its history in New Orleans and its tenets: At one point you must attend a short university lecture in the game on Voodoo. Of course, Gabriel himself falls asleep, but I found it most interesting.This game is--to a certain degree--educational.
The second major fact about this game is that it is extremely mature. Dialogue between Gabriel and female characters is often littered with sexual innuendo, and you'll often hear the characters--GK especially--say "Shit." There are few images of explicit violence (it's also DOS), but the subject matter--itself and its depth--will probably not appeal to even teenagers, and teens who are in it for the language and nothing else will not get very much out of it.
GK1 is one of the most rewarding games I've ever played, and I am extremely happy to see it on GOG. Playing this game is a reward in its own right, and well worth $6.
I just realized I said "Sar" instead of "Star" [Trek]. OOPS!
Having just finished the game myself, I've gotta say I pretty much agree with everything in this post. I've played a lot of games in my time, especially adventure games, but very few have had a story that's so incredibly in depth that it just sucked me in completely. I think one line in the narrative pretty much sums up whats so great about it (and I'm paraphrasing here): "Gabriel doesn't need to read a pulp novel - his life is one already!" With the perfect combination of private detective work, serious research into voodoo, and a brilliantly dark and mature story to boot, the comparison to old 50s pulp fiction novels is definitely a good comparison to use.
Add to that a perfectally reasonable difficulty - not too easy, but not too difficult that you'll be screaming in frustration with every single puzzle in the game, as I do with too many adventure games - and some great voice acting (but then, it's got Tim Curry and Mark Hamill, of COURSE it would have great voice acting!) this is definitely a must buy. I'm tempted to play it all over again right now, in fact! (And considering I can't play the Beast Within yet, I just may have to!)
Agreed on both counts, what a great adventure game it is. You guys should be sure to check out Beast Within (though admittedly not as good as Sins) as it should be right up your alley regarding adventure and great story. If I didn't still have the disks of the game that I bought many years past, I'd be sure to buy the GOG version.