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** EDIT -- I solved my problems by updating my audio drivers. A basic thing, but one often overlooked. I'd delete this post if I could, or edit the title, but since apparently I can't I'll just leave this here as a cautionary tale. :) **


hello all

I've searched through the forum for solutions but it doesn't seem like any of the suggestions were quite relevant.

when I first installed GK1, there was no music at the Sierra logo (and I couldn't remember if there was ever meant to be any -- my memories of this game are from the mid-90s). The 'restore-play-intro' title screen had music (and still does). The music that plays during the wake-up sequence, grace on the phone, etc. that was there. but now that's gone. and there's no more music anywhere.

voice audio is fine, no clicks. ambient (background) noise is fine. the music is gone. but it played at least once. I wish I could remember how it went away (if it was when I saved, or when I left the book shop, or what).

I tried changing cycles from max to 10000, as suggested elsewhere -- no change.
I tried changing the sbtype from sb1 to sb16 or the others, this just seemed to cause crashes upon launch.

I don't know if there are things I can do to the items under [midi].

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd welcome them. This isn't a huge deal as the game is perfectly playable otherwise, but I remember the music being really atmospheric.

oh! and the little chime that plays when you get a point isn't playing, and never has. I swear I used to hear that chime in my sleep sometimes. I think I'd be happy with no music but having the chime. very pavlovian. :)

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Here are some things you could try:
Try changing the field:

Try changing the field(s):
rate= 44100



oplmode=opl3 (or any other of the modes)

Also, be sure to have the game installed outside the default Program Files directory.
*** EDIT *** I appear to have a general MIDI playback problem in my computer, it's not just GK1. I'll look into it. Thanks for the suggestions though

Thank you.

I tried each of these changes individually, then in combination with each other. (I doubt I tried every possible permutation, but still.) (I also reinstalled it outside of Program Files)

None of it worked.
(and now I'm even starting to question my memory -- I could have sworn I heard the music in the book shop the first time I ran the game, but now I don't even know anymore, because I don't understand how it could run once and then never again.)

I've dug a little bit into some info about MIDI sounds (which as I understand is the format of the music in GK1) and downloaded some MIDI test program, which gives me three choices of devices on my system:

1. Standard Device - MIDI Mapper
2. Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
3. Quicktime

(I should note this is a WinXP machine, and I think it's an integrated audio card)

the only option that plays MIDI sounds is when I choose 'quicktime'. I wonder if that means my audio adapter has issues playing MIDI by itself.

anyway this is mostly me thinking aloud. Thanks for your help, I think I'll just download the soundtrack from that other post I found to tide me over. :)
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When you say that the MIDI playes through quicktime, is there any actual sound?

I'm not sure how relevant this information is,
but you could try to have a look over at this site:
Yes, when the MIDI files (the .mid files that are in c:\windows\media) play through quicktime, there is sound.

But I solved the problem -- by updating my audio drivers. *shameface* should have tried that before coming to the forums. Sorry about that!

Thanks for all your help though.
senbon: When you say that the MIDI playes through quicktime, is there any actual sound?

I'm not sure how relevant this information is,
but you could try to have a look over at this site: