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Hi there,

just registered. I was wondering: Is it generally possible to play classic games downloaded from on the machines they were once supposed to be played on? And in particular: Can I run GK1 on my early-90s' MS-DOS 6 PC or is this just a refurbished Version for WinXP upwards only?

I don't expect any technical support on running these games on vintage rigs; I'm just curious if the original DOS executables are contained in the download at all.
I pretty sure you can easily play GK1 on old computer. But I think you shoud first burn a CD from .iso file that is present in GOG version of the game. And then just install it on your machine.
Thanks, pkyman.

If there is an original ISO included, then that's all I ask for. ;-)
Yeah. I've checked and this file is called GK1.gog, deamon tool recognized as a iso and I pretty sure it contains both DOS and Windows version of the game. Sadly not all GOG games have there iso files :(
Post edited October 13, 2013 by pykman
I ones used those iso files as well, together with a "modern system patch" from the site below, worked wonders.