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Hello, all! I've recently started playing Gabriel Knight 3, and I've noticed that any time any character has to go somewhere, they will have severe issues with their pathfinding. Characters will wander around in circles for minutes on end while trying to get where they're going, clipping through walls and any other obstacles on the way. I've been pressing the Esc key to skip to the end of the walk cycle whenever this happens, and it's okay as a workaround, but I'm worried I'll miss something important by doing this.

The Sierra Help page says that to fix this problem, I should run the game in Software Mode, but I tried that (selected Software Renderer in the game's graphic options) and it doesn't help. Does anyone have any other solutions?

Also, I'm running the game in a window by using the launcher mentioned in another thread. Could that have something to do with it?

Many thanks in advance!
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Try using the 3D hardware mode, but unchecking "Incremental Rendering" under "Advanced Options" in the "Graphic Options" section.