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I don't finish a lot of games, so that means I enjoyed it. I also feel like I learned something about German history and the German language, which is a rare thing to be able to say after playing a videogame.

For those of you playing for the first time, I would say to stick it out. The last two chapters are the most exciting, though I actually most enjoyed the researching leading up to them because I had figured out the mysteries that are explained in the end.
Post edited January 17, 2011 by jungletoad
Kudos! I *almost* made it to the very end because as much as I loved the game, [hide] the timed action sequence as a werewolf totally freakin KILLED it for me.[/hide]

GK2 is probably the only FMV game I can say I really adore, and Jane Jensen is easily the most talented storyteller who really knows how to blend history with compelling fiction.
That timed sequence is as far as I got back when the game came out. Never did finish but really liked the game. Will give it another try and hopefully get all the way through this time!