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I've waited for games like that!!!
good work GOG!!
Now I'm waiting for next parts!
Hope to see more games like that in short future.
Let's hope they can publish the trilogy and perhaps it will spark enough interest with Activision to make the 4th game. :)
I'm hoping the GK1 comic book and soundtrack will be added as extras in the future. :)
Looking at the screenshots, it seems that this is not the same version as on cd, because some objects (and cursor icons) in the cd edition were hi-res compared to the regular game graphics.
Eh, I might be wrong. My memory is hazy.
Edit: Hmm, looks like nice and sharp icons in the screenshots. I think I need new glasses.
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I woke up this morning and read the news about GOG's new deal with Activision.. absolutely incredible! And what a first game to release.
My hope is that this spawns interest in the Gabriel Knight series again as it is truly an excellent trilogy. At the absolute least, GOG is preserving these classics in a form where everyone who wants to can enjoy them.
I'm excited! Bring on the whole Sierra back catalog! Thank you, GOG!!
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OMIGOD! Think I'm having a seizure.
Great occasion to play it one more time. Already bought it, because I always wanted to own it, and it's rather hard to find a box version.
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This is an object of great nostalgia for me. I never played the third part, and the second wasn't as special to me, but this one... Whoa. All aboard the bittersweet nostalgia train.
I spoke with a crappy New Orleans accent all through 7th grade just because Gabe did.
Yeah, I really hope the other two are released on here, this brings back some fond memories.
Plus, could you imagine if GOG started really going through SIerra's back catalogue of awesome adventure games? King's Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory, that game I played once with the woman journalist set in the twenties, the mother goose game, Leisure Suit Larry, Phantasmagoria... All great stuff!
Actually maybe skip mother goose, and leisure suit larry and we'll be cool.
No!! Larry 7 is a must!!!
This is one of the best games I have ever played.
I just did some research and the woman journalist game that I was thinking of is called "Roberta Williams' Laura Bow in THE DAGGER OF AMON RA". I really hope this one comes out at some point :D
amon_ra.png (160 Kb)
I played this game on my first PC ever, a Packard Bell back in the 90's some time. Tried booting up the old CD on a Windows XP system a few years back using DosBox, played through almost the entire game, and then it froze on me every time I tried to go into the confessional. I think I was close to the end too. I hope this version doesn't give me that same problem! I see a bright future for me playing the entire Quest for Glory series, drinking Ecto Cooler Juice Boxes. Phantasmagoria is a must have as well, I just remember burning the husbands face with drain cleaner!