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Just got to chapter 2.
The Grace character is obnoxious! I have a hard time trying to actually play her.
She realize she's a bitch later on, just keep on playing :p
I agree with that. Grace is a real jerk! In the first game she's kind of a jerk, but you only see her talking with Gabriel, and the way Gabriel acts in that game I can understand why Grace is a jerk to him. But in GK2, she's just flat out nasty, and not just to Gabriel.

And Minya's not entirely correct. Grace does later realize she's a jerk about one thing, but her personality doesn't change. Even later in the game she goes right back to being a bitch. Personally, I prefer the parts of this game where you play as Gabriel.

For some reason, Gabriel can get killed in this game but Grace can't (at least not as far as I know).
Just finished the game. Grace was terribly written in this game. She was really obnoxious and self-centred, a polar opposite to the Grace in the first game. Unfortunately the actress brought even less to it and it was obvious she did very little research for the role. When you get a character that's going to spend a lot of time reading or speaking another language at least try to get the pronunciation of the letters right. She said 'Ludwig' incorrectly so many times in this game it drove me mad. The actress herself can't be that intelligent since every time she said 'Wagner' she'd pronounce it correctly and said the 'W' as a 'V', but it didn't even dawn on her(or the director) to transpose this onto 'Ludwig' and 'Wolfgang'.

It was a real shame as the Grace in the first game stole the show.
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I didn't even like Grace in the first game all that much. I gave her a pass because in the first game because we only saw her talking to Gabriel who was an arrogant misogynist jerk. But then in the second game, we see her communicating to other people who aren't jerks and we learn that Grace is downright mean at times. And even when she makes up with Gerde, she says "It's Gabriel's fault he never tells me anything." Sure, blame him.
I think she is a very well done character. She has growth and depth to her personality. She's unique, strong, smart, and a great female protagonist compared to 99.9% of all the other females in video games that are just meant to make you want to play because they're female.

She grows in GK1, and grows more in GK2, and then more GK3. I would have loved to see the progression of their relationship and characters in a GK4, and I'm usually quite anti-too-much sequel making.
I love Grace, especially in GK2. I don't want to reveal any spoilers but her hostility is warranted because of feelings she doesn't believe she has, and then she eats humble pie and befriends the person she was rude to. She's a strong-willed and opinionated character and I love her for it!
I will say that I do like Grace in GK3, now that I've beaten it. That was the surprise of the game for me, me liking Grace. She had really grown a lot.