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Hi all,

I seem to be stuck on chapter 6.

At first when I went to Rittersburg castle, the game crashed and shut down, I reloaded an earlier chapter 6 save (beginning), did the same stuff as before and was able to enter the castle.

Then I went to the museum and church, went back to rittersberg and when I tried to enter the castle i got an error message this time: "FAILED TO LOAD RESOURCE ... PRESS ENTER TO TRY AGAIN OR PRESS ESC TO QUIT".
Again, reloading an earlier save worked and I was able to do the same stuff and re-enter the castle.

Now I'm stuck at the part where I need to talk to Gerde about the silver heart.
Every time I try to talk to her the game crashes, it just shuts down and i'm back on my desktop.
reloading earlier saves didn't work, it keeps crashing at this same point no matter what I do.

I went through chapter 1-5 without any problems and now in chapter 6 I have so many issues that appear to be related to the same area.

Has anyone experienced this problem? If so did you find a solution?
Please let me know?