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Hello Folks!!

Today i bought the GK trilogy and Phantasmagoria 1&2- all but GK3 works very well, the installation seems to be normal, but if i try to start Gk3, nothing happens!
I looked in the path of the installation and noticed, that there is no Dosbox inside..?
I downloaded it again fo a reinstallation, this time, during the setup options screen, i noticed that you can only check the box "install Gk3"- but no Dosbox- is this the case? Have you forgotten to pack the dosbox inside or should i copy the dosbox from an other game inside it?


Forgott the SysSpecs:

Btw.: is there a chance to get the Games in German?
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There's no bundled DosBox because GK3 is not a DOS game, it's a Windows game.

When you try to start the game is there an error message or something like that ?
No error message- nothing, the mouse cursor gets maybe only a second to a ring and thats it :(
Not sure what could be going on there.

You could try to unistall the game and then re-install it to a directory other than the default one, something like C:/Games. You can choose the install folder using the options button on the installer you mentioned before.
Have already done this by my own standarts..
also, i have installed windows new ~3 Months before, the system is , you can say "at its best condition" :)- al up to date, no probs at all...
Thank you for trying to help me Namur, but i think i have to accept, that i lost again a great game ;(


Hmm, i reinstalled it now the ~26th time, this time i ´ve chosen a complete "abnormal" path (c:kkkk\lol\.. instead of my ProgramK path, also i have ever disabled uac control)), and it works- i really dont know why, but this was the "solution"- thats creepy, or should i say- very microsoftish!

Thanx again for helping me!
Long live the old games...
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Ah, so it was probably UAC getting in the way of the install process.

Good to know you got it working, have fun ;)
hello,i installed GK3 but when i want to start a new game, it asks me to insert the CD #1 and do not launch the game, please help?