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I got this game running mostly fine using newest Dgvoodoo 2_55_3.on Win 10 64.

It's still jerky and slow at some moments, but just for about 1-2 seconds, nothing too bad.
In 95% of these slowdown cases it happens when there is text in the game graphics, especially the score and time text in
the upper corner. The slowdown always seems to happen when the text is fading out, it's ok when it is just typed in the screen in the beginning of its appearance.

Some DDraw issue on WIn10 systems, perhaps?

I wonder if anyone already found a workaround for this problem, Although this is nothing gamebreaking, it would still be nice if the game could be run perfectly on Win1064 systems.
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Same problem here.

Win10 x64, GeForce 940MX,
GK3.exe for the "insert cd1" problem,
fischkopf's config file and registry fix with DxWnd v2_03_97_fx3
Well all i can say, it seems that in game that don't use voodoo it also happens, the best solution is to turn subtitles off or play in lowest resolution, but it won't help with texts like the one with in-game date. Maybe somebody knows about something else.