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So I've got a weird issue. I'm trying to start a new game of GK3, and I've got everything working alright, except that for some reason the animation gets really choppy and the framerate drops dramatically every time the score is displayed. Unfortunately this happens a lot, since it displays anytime your score updates, you go into the inventory, or your mouse just wanders towards the top of the screen. While I can play like this, it is REALLY annoying. Anyone got any ideas? I'm using Windows 8, and my video card is a GeForce 9800M GTS, with the latest drivers.

I also get Unknown Fatal Exception every once in a while that shuts down the game, but the solution everyone seems to give about renaming codecs doesn't really seem to apply to Windows 8.
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Try turning off incremental rendering.
dr.schliemann: Try turning off incremental rendering.
Yeah, I already turned that off, everything would flicker wildly when it was turned on.