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Hello everybody, i really need some help here.

I've tried and tried, every by restarting the chapter from an earlier save but in no ways i am able to get through it.

I've interacted with everything possible but somehow the game keeps insisting that i am missing something in Wagner's Museum and Neuschweinstein

I am 100% there is nothing i am missing in the Castle , so probably is just something in the Museum but no many hours i spend clicking on everything i can, i am still not getting that final clue that would finally lead me to the end of the chapter.

Unfortunately i am unable to check Youtube for some video walkthrough due to reasons and i'm not getting any help from walkthroughs i find online. Anybody has any idea what i may be missing? Maybe a aprticularly hard to spot area that somehow i fail to notice?

This is driving me crazy.
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In the castle there's something you have to click on twice, or you have to use the tape twice for something. In the Ludwig museum there is an easy-to-miss display case below the painting that reminded Grace of her nightmare.