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****May contain spoilers****

Hello, I am in day 1 in GK2. I did all things at home and then I went to the zoo. I watched both wolves, I read the info sign on the fence. I asked the man about everything. Then I went to the entrance to wolf den and back to the man. Now I have to go to the room of director, but I simply can´t find the exit sign for that. There are only exit signs away from zoo or forward to entrance of wolf den.
I even watched walkthrough video on youtube and on the place the guy has exit sign to director, I have nothing. Does anybody have an idea what I do wrong? Could it be some bug? Or will exit sign appear only after something what I forgot to do?
Thank you for your help and time.
This question / problem has been solved by Minyaimage
You've probably not done all you need to do before you're able to visit the Administration. The game automatically open and close areas to go to when you progress. Some areas are unavailable until later chapters, others will only open after you've discovered something to get there, others again will be open to you only to get a tidbit of information and close again after you've gotten everything you need.
Ok, thank you for the answer. I will try to watch walkthrough again and do what they did there.