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Hi Everyone,

I've been looking at threads about how to optimize GK2 gameplay and noticed that there should be different sound options. But, when I look in my dosbox conf file, I don't see what I'd expect. All I have is this:

fullscreen= true
autolock= true

core= normal
cycles= 7000

mount C "."
cd \
SIERRA.EXE .\resource.cfg


I also have a resource.cfg file, but it doesn't look familiar to me:

videoDrv = VESA.DRV
soundDrv = MT32.DRV
joyDrv = NO
cmd = GK2DOS
mouseDrv = NONE
memoryDrv = NONE
minMemory = 1600k
brightness = 0
language = 1
minCPU = 486
smartdrv = YES
language = 351

resAUD = .\
resSFX = .\
resMAP = .\
rescdisc = .\
patchDir = .\PATCHES
movieDir = .\movies
robot = .\robot


I'm running Windows 7 64bit and am hoping to run in a large window mode with the best sound options available. any help would be appreciated.
Edit; nevermind, I misread the entire firstpost. -.-
Post edited October 13, 2012 by Minya