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In chapter 5 I am running across a handful of glitches that are hindering my advancement. First, in Von Zell's room when I click on the bathroom, I am unable to exit back into the room. This also happens when clicking on Von Zell's closet, and after picking up the sheers in the barn. The game doesn't freeze; it is still responsive but when trying to exit these frames it simply won't.
I also experienced this issue in Chapter 2 at the Ludwig museum while trying to exit certain paintings. However, the paintings weren't required to advance the story so I simply loaded a save and avoided them. In chapter 5 however, I must view these areas to advance the story, and once I view them, I am unable to exit the frame.
Running windows 7 64 bit, latest version released by gog, downloaded via browser (gog installer won't work even with firewall disabled).
PLEASE HELP. I love this game and would love to finish it.
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I am having the same problem! At least I know I'm not going crazy... I would appreciate some help as I would LOVE to finish the game! Thanks in advance!