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Greetings all,

Never had a problem with the game until now... I am in Chapter 4 and am just outside of the church as Grace. I can't seem to move anymore? I click on [Exit] and I am just stuck outside the doors.

I can click on some inventory items and get a desciption, but if I look at Grace's notebook it hangs there as well.

I've started the game from the start and clicking was ok there. Did some research and most people just got stuck on chapter 4 because of a puzzle.

Unfortunately I only have 2 save games which are pretty much at the same spot. Anyone have any idea on what is going on?



OK I may have figured out the problem. I am outside the church whhich should be labelled "Rittersberg Town Square", but in my game it is labelled as "St Georg Church: Interior" (which should be the inside).

Guess my game is borked :(
Post edited December 28, 2018 by xtc2812