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Ok, so as the title suggests, Gabriel won't talk to his lawyer in chapter 1. I've done everything in the walkthroughs to the letter. When I click on the sign, he says "It's just an office building". I've tried running the game in both DOSBox and Boxer. I'm using a Macbook pro. I can't figure out what the problem is. Anyone have this issue, or know how to fix it? I'd run the game using other programs, if I knew other mac programs that could run GK2. I must be like the only person who has this issue. I've googled it and I've gotten nothing. I hope someone here can help me out.

EDIT: I have now tested the game using Windows 7 64 Bit and I have the same problems as before. I still cannot talk to the lawyer. Can anyone help me out here, or am I basically screwed out of an otherwise amazing game?

EDIT 2: Scratch all this. I figured the problem out. I missed a tiny detail at the beginning of the walkthrough.
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The tiny detail of opening your bag to take out the letters and actually read them maybe? :)
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