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So, I just finished Sins of the Fathers and must say that I greatly enjoyed it...
The thing is, I finished it with 341 points, a single point from completing it perfectly...
My question is this. Is anything different with a perfect endgame? And if there IS differences, do you have a video or a save game? I do not feel like playing through the whole game again to find that single point I missed...
This question / problem has been solved by Namurimage
I think the perfect score is just that, a perfect score, i'm under the impression getting it doesn't trigger anything.
There are plenty of walkthrough's for GK1 that have a list for where you can get each and every point of the 342, but none of them (the ones i checked at least) mentions a perfect score triggering something, which would be a bit odd if something was indeed triggered by getting a perfect score.
I know this thread is old but I thought I confirm this very quickly.
I played GK1 countless of times and while I usually finish with the perfect score I sometimes forget things. The ending is always the same.
There is, however, to slightly change the ending by doing some of the last few action in the game a little bit differently (and, by the way, wrong) but that's it.
Generally, as far as I remember Sierra never did change the endings just based on the score - except they would usually give you a message telling you your score.
Thanks for the confirmation. I'm glad I didn't miss anything...