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I noticed some pretty bad issues with the sound.

When i walk up to a person and try to talk to them, i see the animations that Gabriel starts talking, but the dialog only plays after the animation was going for a few seconds, same thing when people answer, they start the animation, but the dialog is missing for a few seconds. I just started and it's only day 1, but the problem is so bad that it actually takes up to 5 or 6 seconds for the dialog to start. When i look at things it also takes a similar amount of time till i get to hear something.

I've googled and i've noted that this problem exists at least for about 2 years now. Don't even bother clicking the link, it's just for demonstration purpose, but sadly doesn't provides any solution, only more people with the same issue.

I really love this game, but this is kind of spoils it.
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