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Hello there,

Sorry for the newb question. I'm an old time gamer from back in the early 90s, but I haven't really used DOS since then and have forgotten much. I'm new to using DOSBOX, so I'm sort of staggering around it. Thankfully, with GOG, I don't have to worry too much about that...... unless I want to run the games on my Android Tablet (It's a Galaxy Note 10.1)

I was wondering if anyone has managed to get the GOG version of GK1 running on Android? I know it's possible. I have DOSBOX Turbo and DOSBOX Manager on my tablet. I think the issue is that GK1.GOG is actually an ISO file? I'm not super DOSBOX savvy, so I'm not entirely sure how to handle that.

Thanks for any help!
I wasted +5 hours trying to run GK1 on dosbox turbo, I only managed to run it at unplayable speed.

The only way for me was scummVM, a few months ago GK1 was supported on their latest beta, maybe it's now on their latest final build too.