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At one point, Dr. John will mention that he is a vegetarian. When Gabriel says he can't imagine ever living that way, John replies with "Perhaps that is the *hunter* in you."

Does imply that the cult knew all about Gabriel and the whole schattenjager thing from the very beginning? Or am I reading too much into it?
Tetelo recognises Gabriel's role as a witch-hunter during the ritual in the swamp. I don't think that Doctor John knew about it earlier. However I think that the reference was there on purpose. Maybe Doctor John has good intuition or something, even when he really don't know who Gabriel is (besides being annoying person who is asking too many questions).
Tetelo knew about the Schattenjagers because she personally knew one of Gabriel's ancestors, Gunter. Gunter betrayed her, so she hates him and his family line. She recognized Gabriel because she looked like Gunter to her.

Maybe Tetelo had already told Dr. John about Gabriel. I know she hadn't left the "Keep eyes on GK" message yet, but Malia had seen Gabriel at the crime scene on day 1. Maybe after that Tetelo orally told DJ to beware of a blond, fizzy-haired stranger who asks a lot of questions.
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Tetelo had encountered Gabriel before the conclave, though, when she was possessing Madame Lorelai; and all she did was warn him to stay away from Malia Gedde, or he would pay with his life.

And Tetelo did say at the conclave "I know you now..." which suggests that she hadn't recognized him earlier, except as the most recent "prince consort" of the Gedde family.
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So Malia on her own free will left the "Keep Eyes on GK" message?
cbingham: So Malia on her own free will left the "Keep Eyes on GK" message?
I guess so, since the message also said not to harm GK.
Tetelo had no specific reason to want GK harmed either, at least until she recognized him at the St John's Eve conclave.

Her warning to Gabriel by way of Madame Lorelai sounded more general, like something she also would have said to Malia's father, about Malia's mother. And Malia's father did die before she was born, or at least during her infantile amnesia.
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Hmm, this is interesting. I thought it wasn't that Tetelo didn't want to harm Gabriel, it was that she didn't want DJ to harm Gabriel because she wanted to do it herself to get her own personal revenge against the Schattenjagers.

These other interpretations tough, give me some new facts to consider.

If Malia left the message, it would make more sense for DJ to disobey Malia than Tetelo. Making Tetelo angry would not be a good idea even for DJ because even all his strength is probably no match for Tetelo's magic. It makes me wonder what goes on between Tetelo and DJ if you let the snake kill you. I envision a conversation like:

Tetelo: Dr. John you jerk! I told you not to harm Gabriel!

DJ: I didn't harm Gabriel. It was my snake!

Tetelo: How could you let your snake wander freely for your museum?

DJ: It is so cruel to keep a snake locked in a cage all day and...

Tetelo kills DJ.

Malia, on the other hand, strikes no fear in DJ, and DJ would have no problem disobeying her.

I guess then that Tetelo doesn't want ANY man pursuing any of her descendants. Either she thinks that ALL men will betray her descendants like Gunter did her, or she's afraid that a man will be able to get her descendant out of the cult somehow.
Maybe the "Keep eyes on GK" part of the message was Tetelo's idea, which Malia was willing to go along with, and the "But do not harm" part was Malia's idea, which Tetelo was willing to go along with at the time.