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I think I've done everything that needs to be done but apparently I'm missing something. I got Grandma's house to appear just fine, and I thought they were both supposed to show up on the map pretty much the same time. What am I missing? I know I'm gonna have a "DOH" moment when I figure this out...

Here's what i've done so far: Read the paper, picked up the mag glass and tweezers, read the three books, got the gift cert from the cash register, asked Grace for messages, and she told me that Grandma called. Grandma's house appeared on the map but no police station.

I've also been to Grandma's house and asked about the family, went to the attic and grabbed the sketch book, opened the clock and grabbed the stuff outta there, read the letter, asked Grandma about Heinz Ritter. Still no police station. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to go there next, but I can't...

Played this game back in mid-90s but I can't seem to remember some of it.
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Most places appear on the map only after you've solved the preceding puzzle(s). I think for the police station to appear, you need to ask Grace for messages.

Google up a walkthrough if you're having difficulties.
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