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Hi all,

just today I finally bought all the Gabriel Knight games here on I used to love all of the games, but actually never finished parts 1 and 2. So, driven by the wish to complete these games I immediately went looking for my old savegames for the first game. I even managed to find them, ha! The sad thing is that some of the later savegames don't seem to work.

For instance, my latest savegame immediately shows me a small white window that says "FATAL - bad opcode ..." (see the attached screenshot). One of the earlier ones seems to work, but as soon as I want to talk to Grace, I get more or less the same error. I could not find anything about this on the web, so I was hoping that maybe somebody here could help.

Just so you know, the saves were made with the CD version running under Dosbox on a Mac. The version I'm trying to play them with is obviously the version, running on Windows 7.

gk.jpg (84 Kb)
Never mind - I used the saves somebody posted in another thread


and found one that was almost exactly where I had left off. Had no more problems with those saves.
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