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I also strongly disagree with that music, especially Holmes' piano themes which are just wonderful - Bookshop Theme, GK3 generally, my fave probably this /watch?v=2q2XlsgZZno ("Ludwig")

and I am personally quite excited about possible remakes, I totally agree with someone mentioning GK2 as the one really needin it - aside from Von Glower who was just awesome, I generally found Grace terrible (that Grace-Gerde argument is one epic fail), Gabriel quite disappointing too (now I still don't understand why Von Glower would have a crush on him:) and acting generally bad (plus the werevolves were far from what Jane depicted in her novel). I feel big potential for an improvement there.

I don't feel much reason to remake GK1, the game is just excellent if one is used to old graphics. as for GK3, maybe my personal favourite, there is definitely potential to improve the graphics (there was even a fan project making new textures), plus some other changes could be done to make it a stellar game I think - definitely the terrible Mosely's passport scene (!!!) and loads stuff that didn't make it to the game (google Gabriel Knight 3 Secret Documents) - the alternative cat-moustache puzzle (!), there was supposed to be another trial in the Temple (a maze), etc.

also, I never understood the "concept" of Emilio - he fears of his ID revealed so he runs around the valley spreading not that important notes (including the cave entrance, no vampire fears?) to make Grace find the entrance and navigate her there while he already knows where it is.. and! - it is assumed somehow that the vampires are going to do ther ritual just there (why?) and that very night.. I don't want to be a detalist but still, didn't you find that stupid?

there are obviously much more little details that could make the game excellent (I'd LOVE to help Jane with that:D): I would definitely include a hardcore mode for Le Serpent Rouge - no important-words-in-capital-letters, fewer or no hints. that's because after playing it maybe 6 times, I still think practically everything fits incredibly well and no walkthrough is needed (I'm so sad I EVER used it or a single hint), those things with sacred geometry, chessboard, landscape (is the third ROOK Chateau de Serres?), quite epic. a proper intro instead of a novel of course, a back alley behind the hotel below wilkes' window for more investigation, more conversation with mesmi in the temple (does he have nothing to say..?)...sorry for a longer post, I have so many thoughts about improving especially GK3:) (I so much love its timeless and unique gameplay, interface, camera system..). (btw when I played it lately for a 6th time, I searched for every tiny detail and was so excited when I found a paper with a message at the train station:))
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I actually really liked Gabriel in number #2. That take on the character was really human and likable, I thought. More importantly, he has a consistent accent that doesn't drive me absolutely nuts. Tim Curry occasionally hit it really well- and very often went all over the place, which may be exceptionally noticeable to me since I'm from the South. In the first one, I didn't mind so much, but when I went to 3 right after playing 2, it was awful.
I would like to see GK3 completely remade with a different engine. IMHO, Better graphics and some slight changes to some of the more ridiculous puzzles would do a lot for the game, which has a great story but is kind of a pain to play. Also, the option to turn off the voices and only have subtitles. :P
edit: I do agree, however, that Grace was pretty abysmal in GK2.
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What I would personally like to see for GK1 is a thorough cleaning of all remaining bugs and glitches (there are still a couple left), and full ScummVM support. But as GK1, in its original state, will only appeal to retro-gamers and original fans like myself, that is unlikely to happen, except if fan-produced. A remake is intended not for the original audience, but to attract new ones, and that would be worth the time and money involved. So even if purists are going to tear at their hair and cry heresy, there really isn't any point in moaning about it. The original game will still be available to us, so let the new kids have something new to play with.

Yes, I know - everything was so much better in the old days. We're really turning into grumpy old farts, aren't we?
Getting back to the composer issue...

There is absolutely zero chance that a change will happen.
Unless Jane Jensen divorces her husband. He is her composer.

In this edit I will say that I would love to hear the music in GK3...
But I can't get passed the first screen that demands I insert CD 1.
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First, I can't think of anyone better for GK music than Robert Holmes. Especial for GK2 wher eI think the music really carried the game.

As for the remake making GK4 "likely" I would disagree. While the remake will definitely expose the IP to a new generation as well as reigniting interest from the older generation it will need to have near critical success for Activision to want to finance a new game in the series. The major obstacles are targeting the iPad crowd as their premiere audience and not using full HD aspect ratio on the PC (iPads need 4:3 ratio so no 16:9 for PC players).

In essence that will kill PC sales and if the game is a success for Activision to give the green light for a 4th game in the series I would expect them to completely abandon the PC as a target platform.
I'm not particularly interested in the remake. The artwork looks kinda 'plastic', it doesn't have the same kind of umph that hand drawn art had.

Also the replacement of all the actors that made GK1 and GK3 good is a change I personally cannot stomach.

They aren't even offering anything new (new puzzles, new scenes) to surprise long time fans, and make it more worth checking out (as compared to Larry Reloaded).
Baggins: Also the replacement of all the actors that made GK1 and GK3 good is a change I personally cannot stomach.

They aren't even offering anything new (new puzzles, new scenes) to surprise long time fans, and make it more worth checking out (as compared to Larry Reloaded)
First, the studio responsible for the new voice actors is the same for The Walking Dead game so I can't see how it will be anything less than stellar.

Second, I hope you're not saying Larry Reloaded was actually was the worst remake in the ENTIRE history of remakes...
Larry Reloaded had lots of flaws. I'm just saying it offered a little more than just being a hd remake, as far as more things to do. I still prefer the classic remake in a lot of ways though. The new one at least got the voice actor who voiced Larry in 6 and 7. BUt yes it was a buggy mess.

However still... I didn't like how they replaced the voices for Sam Fisher in the latest Splinter Cell, and I'm not a fan of the fact that the actor who did Garrett's voice in Thief series has been replaced for thief 4 as well.

They might pick great actors, but that doesn't mean I will like them more than Mark Hamill, Leah Remini, MIchael Dorn, Efrem Zimbalist, JR, and Tim Curry.

However I realize some people don't like Tim Curry's voice. Maybe the game will be an improvement for them. It just isn't something that interests me however.
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Well for me there was a lot of nostalgia from many of the actors that voiced the first game even before it came out. (Star Wars, Star Trek, Rocky Horror, Evening Shade) but I honestly can't see them reprising their roles for a remake. A remake is just that, a fresh coat of paint on everything and since Jane is in charge of the remake herself I have confidence that she'll give it what it deserves.

I am avoiding the hype and just gonna patiently wait for the game to come out. The experience ill be significantly mor epleasurable taking the game at face value then worrying about what changes were made.

As for Fisher and Garrett those were based on how they chose to produce those games using full body and voice capture all in one which neither Ironside or Russell were up to the task. I'll miss Garrett the most I think but it'll neve rbe a make it or break it for me.