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Gabriel knight Graphics problem


i have GK 1 and GK 2
Its graphics looks really weird.I try googling it and i go to dosbox.conf file or which has all config file for dosbox.Please help me how i get best or high graphics by changing these config.

My specs are
Win 7,
Intel gma 4500m,
2 gb ram,
intel core 2 duo 2.20 ghz

compaq 420
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dwapar: .. Its graphics looks really weird. ...
Well, GK1 is rather old and it does look pretty pixeled. There's not much to improve.
Run "Graphic Mode Setup"
Under Basic Settings set "Graphics mode" to DDraw.
Under Advanced Settings set "Scaling Engine" to hq3x.

If you you think you've graphics problems other than low resolution, just post a screenshot to show how it looks like.