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When I was playing Gabriel Knight 2, I became so stumped that I needed a guide, but now I'm just plain confused. The map in the game says I don't have to go back to the zoo, but I have to! I still haven't been inside the kennels at the zoo, so I can't get the hair from the wolf! Is this the way you have to do it? Thomas never shows up anymore, and I don't know what I did. I've already done everything, like splice the tapes, and steal stuff from Klingmann, but I just can't get into the kennels. Why? Is this a bug?
Did you try to go back to Klingmann's office and play (use) your tape recorder on his walkie-talkie to contact Thomas?
Asd Bolch said, it's the walkie talkie thing.

You need to "splice" the Klingmann-Record. Put in the Klingmann Tape into Slot A and an empty tape to B, then push the "splice" button.
You need to record certain words to create a fake Message for thomas.
Now what was the message again.

"Thomas, Dr. Klingmann here. Plese show Mr. Knight our wolfs."

This or something similar. I'd check it up on gamefaqs, but the site is down at the moment. Needed a walkthorugh for this one, too.

Then go back to Klignmann's office, find some items and then use the fake message on the walkie talkie at the Desk.
I already spliced the tapes, so.....
and another thing, the map screen doesn't say I need to go back to the zoo anymore, and by that, I mean that when I press hints to see where to go, the places that still have things to do blink. The zoo doesn't. But I'll see what I can do.
Okay, nevermind. I didn't know I had to play the tape into the walkie-talkie. Well, thanks!
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