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rfrancis: Make no mistake, this is awesome, and I bought it on the spot.
But... :)
Is there any hope of, oh, say, the soundtrack being released as a goodie later on?

If you didn't already see, the soundtrack is available here:
Collector: The site is mine, the Sierra Help Pages.
TheCowSaysMoo: That makes you one of my personal heroes.
On a non-related note: is GK2 played with dosbox? I think i can figure out from the answers on the forum that the answer to my question is yes, but I thought to ask it anyway just to make sure. It makes all the difference in the world! (all the difference being me being able to play it in my couch with my macbook or at my desk on the PC)

Looks like it is in DosBos, there are other threads talking about how to get the subtitles working in the GOG version and make reference to DosBox.conf changes...
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