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The save feature has become disabled. I'm in day 6 and can't stop to save. What can I do?
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Are you running on vista or win7 and if so did you run the game as admin? When was the last time you could save and have you changed anything about the game sinse then like added a 3rd party patch or anything like that?
Also if you have saved recently you could try quiting the game and loading into it again and seeing if it allows you to save then.
Same thing happened to me, i just kept travelling around and the save option came back.
I've run into this, too. Day 6.
What is the version of the GOG game? Open the "VERSION" file in Notepad. There is a patch for the game for save issues, but it is intended for version 1.0 of the game.
Been a long time since I played it, but was this a game where there was a spot that the save ability was purposely disabled to enhance the 'danger'.
I remember playing a game or two back then that had this, but I don't remember if it was this one.