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We just started the series over from the beginning (after having finished the series a few days ago) and I've been replaying GK2 (for my 4th time) and I immediately recognized him in the 4th episode of the 1st season, checked his IMDB, and surely enough, he's in 4 episodes. Weird.
Yeah I noticed that too -- as Daphne's boyfriend, the bartender. Somehow he managed to find his way into my two favourite series -- Gabriel Knight and Frasier!
It turns out Kay Kuter, who played Werner Huber in Gabriel Knight 2, was also in Frasier! He was the homeless guy who desired a kiss from Martin. I believe it was the episode about shoes.
Kay Kuter was also in at least one episode of Seinfeld. :-)
MarianFA: Kay Kuter was also in at least one episode of Seinfeld. :-)
he's in a lot of stuff, I love him