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I saw a topic further down about avoiding the guards on day 9. Here is my problem. I have tried reducing the speed via the GK Dosbox config file (someone else suggested setting it to core=simple cycles = 6000 to get past day 6, and that worked for me, but it's NOT working on Day 9). Also, I've tried turning down the in-game speed on top of that.
Here's the REAL kicker. For some reason, whichever direction I take, by the third room Gabriel stands there like an idiot while the guard rips his heart out and has it for breakfast - even if the guard is on the other side of the room and I'd have plenty of time to get by. The game seems stuck on the loading icon while he stands there, too, and it doesn't matter which way I go - it does that no matter what.
Any suggestions? Specific speed settings? Or should I just give up on this tiny part and let my best friend get me past it?
This question / problem has been solved by Sashananimage
We discussed it just now, but for the benefit of other readers: what you ran into is not a bug but a nasty segment of the game.

The correct way to go is north (counterclockwise). Go south - which would be the long way around - and after 2 or 3 screens the local mummy will catch up with you automatically. This is the freezing in place you encountered.

On the north route, this won't happen, but after going two screens north you do run into a mummy you have to outmaneuver and this is - putting it in polite terms - tricky. Draw him out a bit, then run to the right wall and hugging it, head to the north end of the room, then left again to the doorway. Your timing must be near perfect - wait too long and he grabs you before you ever reach the wall, but don't wait long enough and he's still too close to the doorway to pull it off. Expect to need a few attempts.
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