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I have found I cannot finish Day 1 after 12PM, ****SPOILER**** I have a conversation with Mosely and find Emilio spying outside with his glass. I pick it up and finish the conversation with Mosely however when i leave the hotel it doesn't go into late afternoon.
I tried consulting a walkthrough just to make sure i didn't miss anything and I did not. Maybe my game is glitched? Something feels off as when I did talk to Mosely about the case it seemed like half the conversation was missing, i just hear a response about vampires and i have no indication about vampires anywhere in the story yet. Also I have no real idea why Gabriel is in france or why he got hit on the head or anything. Maybe I am being stupid and everything is fine but it seems like my game skipped a lot of scenes i should of seen.
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I don't know about the glitch. But the reason why Gabriel is in France was explained in the graphic novel which game with the game. I have CD version, so I don't know if GOG version has one.