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I have installed the game from GOG Galaxy.

Just as the name says. I have windows 10. I click on the Play button then a DosBox Windows appears, it immediately closes and that is it. I can press the play button again, but the game won't start up.

I have tried to go the game folder and found the DOSBox folder. Inside there is this program: GOGDOSConfig that I have tried to launch and when I do I get: Run DOSBox Configurator From the Starter Menu. However I have no DOSBox configurator in the starter menu.

So I'm Stuck. Any help would be appreciated.
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I'm leaving this here in case it helps some one else. I've managed to fix it by clicking in the Verify Installation of GOG Galaxy. According to what it told nothing was missing and nothign was changed, but the game started working. Also inside the DOSBox folder for the game a new txt file name stdout appeared.

I hope this helps someone else.